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We celebrate events from the French and Zambian calendars throughout the school year, such as:
Halloween, Zambian national day, Christmas, Sports day, Francophonie, Carnaval, school fest

School outing

Day School outing: Farm or museum visits
Every pupil from CP to CM2 participate to a trip of 3 or 4 days


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We offer to each pupil cultural and sportive activities

School trips

We organize once a year a school trip for secondary pupils.
On April 2018, they went to France.
Diversity and culture are at the heart of our school ethos.



Collective games, athletics, swimming (outdoor).


The school prepares students for the baccalauréat (IB system). Focus on individual work and small groups ensure excellent results: 100% exam success in 2016!

  • Bonne année scolaire à tous 📚 We wish all a fantastic school year 📐✏️

  • Bienvenue aux parents du Lycée Français de Lusaka lors de cette journée de rentrée scolaire ! L'Alliance Française s'associe au Lycée Français pour cet accueil convivial et chaleureux! Welcome To all parents from French School on monday, first day of school year. Alliance Française and Lycée Français prepare together a warm welcome !

  • Je félicite les 4 élèves de 3e qui ont obtenu le diplôme national du brevet et nos deux élèves de Terminale, Gaëlle et Ruth pour leur succès au bac. Je leur souhaite de réussir maintenant leurs études en France !👍 Congratulations to the students who success the Diplôme du Brevet and To Gaëlle and Ruth…


For any questions or enquiry

Our school

The French School of Lusaka was founded in 1980, following the initiative of French residents in Zambia, and with the support of the French Embassy in Zambia.
French classes were initially hosted by the Italian school until 2005. Since then, the french school building has been located at the Alliance Francaise.


The French School is endorsed by the AEFE, and follows the French national curriculum until junior school. Thereafter, it switches over to the french national distance learning curriculum of the CNED. We welcome French and French-speaking pupils.
Non French-speaking children can be accepted, provided they enrol at the yearly years stages, where they will benefit from additional French language tuition.
The school curriculum is endorsed by the AEFE and the French Ministry of Education until junior school. Thereafter, the students switch over to the CNED (French national distance learning programme). They follow a regular time-table, and work in small groups with a secondary teacher. Their work is submitted online for marking. We currently have a total of 120 pupils of all ages and nationalities at the school.


After junior school, the curriculum is no longer endorsed by the AEFE. Children must enrol at the CNED. The CNED benefits from the recognition of the French ministry of education.
All our pupils follow a similar time-table to that of any college in France. Each 2-3 weeks, they are assessed by submitting their work online.
The CNED distance learning programme is rigorous and demands the learners discipline, a skill we nurture from the onset.


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